Water Sports You Can Try in Gili Trawangan Lombok
A true traveler’s joy, so can be said so if you visit Gili Trawangan. Not only Bali is visited by many travelers, but Gili Trawangan is also visited by many foreign tourists. Located in the village of Gili Indah, West Lombok district has millions of charms ranging from the underwater world to the beautiful landscape and the more fun the friendly people. Gili Trawangan popularity is certainly not only because of its tourist attractions but the culture and uniqueness, as well as with Sasak culture you can find easily and become a special residence.

There are so many things you can do when visiting this Gili Trawangan.

1. Snorkling
Because it has clear sea water, this island provides facilities for snorkeling. Many of the beauties that can wash your eyes from coral reefs, colorful fish create its own charm. No need to fear to do this snorkling because the calm sea water and use of safe facilities, you can do snorkeling safely and comfortably. For snorkeling you have to rent the equipment with a price of around Rp 50.000, – per person, very affordable and not paid off with beauty under the sea.

2. Diving
Plenty of spots you can do for Diving. There are all levels for diving ranging from beginner to expert in diving. If you do diving you can see clearly the type of animals that are under the clear sea. Natural reefs make the eyes do not want to close it. You can bring camerawaterproof to take pictures. Here are some typediving: PADI courses, SharkDivingSee, UV Night dive, Freediving, Marinen Walk.

3. Trasparan Kayaking
The best way to challenge yourself to explore the waters around the island is to kayak with a transparent boat. You can invite friends or family to do kayaking in the waters of Gili Trawangan. You can rent a boat at a price enough to accommodate, especially if you do with your friends can pay by joining for more cheap.

4. Glass Bottom Boat
Inviting children is very doubtful to do activities done with sea water. But not to worry because in Gili Trawangan provides a glass boat that can be used by children, here children can learn about the conservation of marine life. The required tariff is around 130,000 per person for 2-3 hours trip.

5. Aqua Flights
This activity is offered for adults only, this sport is very challenging adrenaline by learning to jump from the sea to the high surface. But if for you who have fears with altitude cultivated do not try this sport.

6. Surfing
Surf around the corner of Gili Trawangan south about 300 meters from the beach and you should be wary of strong currents and shallow reefs. Surfing this will make you easy to get along and know each other well with local residents and foreign Caucasians.
There are so many things you can do if you visit Gili Trawangan, it is very satisfying if you will try all the spots that are provided. To know more Gili Trawangan this you can check on the web gilinangguisland.com.

Gili Nanggu Island – The Paradise Island in Lombok Indonesia


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