Gili Trawangan Lombok is an area that is precisely in the province of West Nusa Tenggara


Gili Trawangan Lombok is an area that is precisely in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. Gili Trawangan can be one of the marine tourism destinations for you fans of travel. Gili Trawangan Island is the largest of the three small islands or gili located in the northwest of Lombok. Here are some attractions in Gili Trawangan Lombok that can be visited when you go there.

1. Underwater Tourism
When visiting Gili Trawangan Lombok do not miss to enjoy the scenery in the underwater world. By diving or snorkeling. This activity is indeed the most sought after by visitors. For those of you who come here for the first time there is no need to worry because every diving service in this place has an international license. So that it is guaranteed to be trustworthy and safe in its operations. For visitors who like to dive, they will be able to use equipment that is safe and of good quality.
Spotdiving that has been known by the wider community include SimonsReef, DeepTurbo, TrawanganSlope, CoralFan Garden, SharkPoint and many more. Whereas those of you who do not like diving can enjoy snorkeling which has no less fun sensation as well as diving activities.

2. Seringgi Beach
Seringgi Beach is the most famous beach in Lombok. This place is located not far from Mataram City. The distance is around 10 km if taken by using a two-wheeled vehicle or four-wheeled vehicle. This beach is a beach that has a long beautiful beach line. And has waves suitable for swimming, sunbathing and much more. Here the visitors also usually enjoy the sunset view in the afternoon and sunrise in the morning.

3. Turtle Conservation
Turtle Conservation is located near the port of Gili Trawangan, this place is usually known as TurtleConservation (turtle conservation). In this place visitors can see how the turtles are developing. Starting from the shape of an egg, to being a child turtle until they are ready to be released in the ocean to live freely.

4. Mount Rinjani
Mount Rinjani is included in the 7 highest mountains in Indonesia. Mount Rinjani National Park is also one of the largest National Parks in Indonesia. Rinjani is famous for the beauty of the savannah and hills of the green hills. That is able to refresh the eyes and eliminate fatigue that comes to the visitors. Every year in June-August this tourist spot is visited by nature lovers ranging from young people to old people.

5. Sade village
Sade Village is located in Rambitan village, Pujut sub-district, Central Lombok district. In Sade Village, tourists will be treated with the original culture of the Sasak tribe. Which still holds true to Lombok’s ancestral customs. One example is the houses of residents who still have bamboo walls, thatched roofs and ground. Visitors who come will also be accompanied by a guide to get to know more about the lives of the residents of Sade Village. As well as habits that are often carried out by residents of Sade Village.
Such is the review of several tourist attractions that can be visited during your trip on Gili Trawangan Lombok. Hopefully this information can be a reference when you visit Gili Trawangan Lombok tomorrow.


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