Fascination At Gilinanggu Lombok Indonesia
Lombok has a charming beach resort that is ready to captivate travelers. Everything is absorbing the attention of tourists. And it is not impossible you can enjoy the beautiful beaches in Lombok, including the hidden lonely nan as if belonging alone. Gili Nanggu is one that is able to realize that. Gili nanggu Lombok is a small island that has a very attractive beach and surrounding beauty that is not less beautiful than the other gili-gili. This place also has white sand inhabited by thousands of species of fish, coral reefs and also uninhabited from 11 other small islands in a piece of West Lombok. This place is more private because there is 1 inn so you can better feel the life of the small island. Besides, there are still some other attraction like the following :

1. White Sand
Just like in Gili Trawangan, in Gili Nanggu Lombok there is a beautiful beach with white sand and blue sea. The calm beach atmosphere, making this island as the right choice for couples who want to honeymoon. The sunset is the most beautiful thing on this 8-hectare island.

2. Colorful Fish
If you walk along the shore you can see clearly the colorful fish adorned on the clear colored sea floor. The cute fish makes the eyes calmer and pamper the eyes. Many types of fish that you can see in Gili Nanggu this Lombok.

3. Turtles Breeding
In Gili Nanggu Lombok there is a cute turtle breeding, and you can see from baby Turtle, to Adult turtle ready to be released into the sea, there is a turtle pond, and usually there are also turtle eggs that are placed in a special place so as not prey by predators other. Once the turtles are ready to be released, there will be sea turtle release activities here which will involve tourists who are certainly very interesting to see.

4. Snorkling Beauty Under the Sea
The snorkling center at Gili Nanggu Lombok is on the eastern island of the boat anchored, one that surely amazes you when the snorkling in this section is a storm fish that is a collection of baronang fish totaling thousands of spins so that it looks like a storm. But not only in the nanggu on all islands you can do snorkeling and it’s good you bring bread that is put into bottles of drinking water and the lid is hollowed so you more easy becengkrama with various types of fish on this island.

5. Tree Line Up
The location of this tree is located slightly inward from the beach in Gili Nanggu, because the beauty of this tree is often used as a wedding photo spot, especially during the summer, there are flowers that grow as if it will be like cherry blossoms in Japan. Rows of trees make a lot of tourists interested and made for spot photos.

Interesting is not it? Of course you want to visit Gili Nanggu Lombok. For more insight, please check with www.gilinanggu.com.


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