Enjoy the romantic Cottage in Gili Nanggu Lombok
For travelers, visiting many unique sights is very impressive. For those of you who happen to be in Lombok does not hurt to try one of the attractions there, namely, Cottage in Gili Nanggu. Let’s find out what kind of information the cottage is.

Cottage Location In Gili Nanggu And Its Ticket
Who would have thought that Lombok, one of the islands in Indonesia is currently keen to promote tourist attractions and so many are interested. This cottage is located in Gili Nanggu located in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara precisely small island in the part of West Lombok.
Visiting a very romantic cottage, you need to prepare some supplies such as clothing, food, and the cost of course. Well for your own lodging you can spend money of 350-450 thousand a night.

Accommodation Towards Cottage In Gili Nanggu And Facilities Provided
To go to Gili Nanggu cottages, you can use car or motor according to your taste. Do not worry for those of you who do not want to be too busy bringing a vehicle or worry your vehicle is not fit to get to the location. There are provided car and motor rental with a relatively affordable price. In addition, the path is still relatively easy to go to the location.
This cottage provides many facilities that can spoil your holiday. Three types of rooms provided are standart cottage category, sea viwe cottage, and bungallow. Wow… where fun vacation here. Standart cottage is shaped like a traditional house where the sleeping room is at the top. While sea view cottage have almost the same shape only location allows you to see along the coast with more freely. Another with bungallow which is still in the stage of renovation that is designed to be a place more luxurious and can ensure the comfort of visitors.

Activities Can Do In Cottages Around Gili Nanggu
The cottage area on the beach, allows you to do some activities like the following.

1. Enjoy Sunset And Sunrise
Enjoying the beauty of the cottages on the edge of the beach, you can also plan your vacation activities to enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise. With beautiful natural scenery, you will not be disappointed and do not miss your moments together with family or friends in this place.

2. Swim
The beach in the cottage area has not been too processed by the government so it gives a feel of natural beauty. Not a lot of trash here and there, especially the water is still so clear it is suitable to be a place to swim.

3. Diving
For the tourists who are very fond of this activity, you can rent equipment divingspeeti mask, fin and lifejacket with the same price of Rp. 25.000,00. As for you who want to feed the fish there, you can buy a bottle of bread crumbs for Rp.5000,00 only. Wow exciting yes.

4. Play Swing
Who does not like to swing? Games that exist in childhood is no less interesting to try in this area. After a walk to enjoy the beauty of the beach, you can momentarily climb the swing and relax your feet with a relaxed.

5. Seeing Turtle Breeding
Turtle population in this place quite a lot. So the community encourages turtle breeding to keep the turtle population. To release the turtle, you can donate it first.

Gili Nanggu Cottages & Bungalow
in Gili Nanggu – The Paradise Island in Lombok Indonesia


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