A Very Satisfactory Facility in Gili Nanggu Lombok Indonesia


A Very Satisfactory Facility in Gili Nanggu Lombok Indonesia

Lombok became one of Indonesia’s many charms on the go by tourists. One of them is Tourism Gili Nanggu Island. Gili Nanggu Lombok has a white and seawater market that is very clear, refreshing with the waves are quite soothing that allows you to do the activities of traveling together with family or friends of recreation. Not only that, here offers a lot of underwater beauty that spoil your eyes, with coral reefs that are certainly still awake kealamiannya and various types of colorful fish you can find under the sea of ​​Gili Island Nanggu this. Gili Nanggu also offers various facilities for example as will be discussed below:

1. Wahers Watersport
Waterspots activities are no stranger to tourists in Indonesia. Almost most foreign visitors or in Indonesia try this water sport. Gili Nanggu Island is a lot of games that you should try with friends or family to make a very pleasant momentum. Certainly will make your adrenaline a try. Price also support once with facilities that accommodate. Security no doubt back because it will be supervised by a professional who already.

2. Jogging Track
Surrounding Gili Nunggu is also a very fun thing. Starting from the turtle breeding You can walk your way through the marching trees that are also not less beautiful if used for spot photos. Coupled with the merdunya sound of birds add a beautiful impression of this island. Gili Nanggu spelled out also not too broad, so do not worry to walk around the island.

3. Snorkeling
Maybe this is the main thing if you and your family visit this Gili Nanggu Island. Because the sea water is clear, with a fairly calm waves it is very well suited to do snorkeling. There are two districts that you can visit, the east side and the south side of the island. Both have their own uniqueness and attraction that is, if on the east side, you will find a wide range of small fish of various types and colors that are very beautiful and adorable. While on the south side you can find the coral reefs are very beautiful and still maintained nature.

4. Sea turtle breeding
In Gili Nanggu there is a very adorable turtle breeding. You can see turtles ranging from babies to adults ready to be released at sea. Here are provided 5 turtle ponds because the turtle eggs are also put on their own because to protect from other predators.

5. Cottage Restaurant
In Gili Nanggu Island there is also a cottagerestaurant for tourists who are bored with the crowd, this place could be an option to stay and relax with family. Can enjoy the beach air at night and the next day.
That is the very riveting facility of Gili Nanggu Island, how? Prepare yourself with family to visit this place. To get to know Gili Nanggu tourist attractions in Lombok are interesting please click gilinanggu.com.

Gili Nanggu – The Paradise Island in Lombok Indonesia


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