7 Reasons Why Snorkeling in Gili Nanggu Lombok Indonesia
Gili Nanggu tourist attraction is one of Gili tourism located on the west side of the island of Lombok. Gili Nanggu itself is known to have a natural beauty that is so charming and charming. Even the beauty offered by this place is different from other Gili Lombok. One of the beauty offered by Gili nanggu the most captivating is the underwater world. No wonder Gili Nanggu is known as one of the best snorkeling sites in Lombok. So for you who have a hobby of diving there is no harm starting from now trying to snorkel in Gili Nanggu.
Surely you’ve been wondering why to snorkel at Gili Nanggu? Is not snorkeling a lot? There are actually several reasons why we should snorkel in Gili Nanggu. And here’s why.
1. The Best Snorkeling Place
One of the reasons why we do snorkeling in Gili Nanggu is this place is one of the best snorkeling places. This is not separated because Gili Nanggu itself offers a million beauty, especially the underwater scenery. No wonder, if Gili Nanggu is often the main destination for tourists who want to do snorkeling.
2. Stunning Coral Reefs
If snorkeling at this location, then you will be directly welcomed and spoiled by a group of beautiful coral reefs. Not only that, in this place you can also see clearly the beauty of coral reefs in Gili Nanggu this.
3. Many Beautiful Fish Species
Another reason why to snorkel here is that there are so many species of fish. So when you snorkel in Gili Nanggu, then you will find a wide range of very beautiful colorful fish. In fact, the fish in Gili Nanggu are also very large. But you do not have to worry or fear, because the fish are in Gili Nanggu this is all tame.
4. Quiet Sea Stream
Usually the best snorkeling sites are often supported as well with the calm ocean currents. Therefore, if the ocean currents calm then automatically tourists who do diving or snorkeling can see clearly the natural beauty under the sea.
5. Clear Sea Water
Not only the ocean currents are calm, in Gili Nanggu own water luatnya also very clear and clean. So when diving / snorkeling here, you can see clearly how the beauty of coral reefs, fish and other species.
6. Can See Sunset
If you are satisfied with snorkeling or enjoy the natural beauty of the underwater in Gili Nanggu, we suggest do not go home first. The reason, in Gili Nanggu itself other than famous for its snorkeling is also known as one of the best places to see the sunset. Especially if the weather is very supportive, you will be in suguhkan a landscape that is so charming and amazing.
7. Moderable Facilities
If you are on vacation or do snorkeling in Gili Nanggu this do not have to worry for facility problems. Because the facilities contained in Gili Nanggu itself is quite complete. Starting from small stalls, toilets, gazebo for a break, up to the bungalow was here. In fact, in the area around Gili Nanggu there are also many lodging with a fairly cheap price.

Gili Nanggu – The Paradise Island in Lombok


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